The Brothel – Wonder what it was really like

The Brothel – I do wonder what it was like – inside and outside. Did it smell like stale cigarettes and sex? Was it physically dirty as I imagine? Could you hear others in the rooms next door? What did the “John” just before you look like? And did he have a clueless wife waiting for him at home as well?

“Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you, but rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ’s sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy.” – 1 Peter 5: 12-13

It was around day 6 post-disclosure when I was able to uncover the entire truth about the prostitute. My gut just told me, once again, something was off.

I began to probe again, “Why her? Why that one?” questioning. He was attempting to divert, but once in a while I could just see the truth. I never could before; it was as if God was granting a gift of transparency, to not accept another lie.

Then, the bombshell hit. It wasn’t a random prostitute after all.

I was not prepared for that truth. Sometimes reality is actually worse than fiction. It was all an accident- orchestrated by the devil himself.

He began telling me the story. It started when a co-worker and he were in Houston, Texas. They were there on business, riding around when they proceeded to get lost. In the process of trying to re-orient where they were, the co-worker and my husband pulled into a parking lot where two women were standing outside, and began catcalling my man and his co-worker.

The men were, of course, intrigued. The women kept telling them “come inside, come inside”. It was a free-standing, unlabeled building in a shady part of Houston. Why not, right???

My husband continues the story by saying that they kept asking the women “What is this place?” but the women just kept telling them to come in and find out.

Once they entered, it appeared to be a strip club – topless women dancing on bars and walking about, but once they got inside and sat at a table, the men were circled – I imagine, like vultures.

One woman managed to pluck my husband. She rubbed his shoulders, caressed his lap, and whispered things in his ear that I will never know, nor do I want to know. They gave my husband and his friend lots of alcohol- injecting them with artificial confidence and peeling away any hint of good judgment or integrity.

Once my husband became inebriated, the tone of sweet nothings in his ear quickly escalated. She enticed him with a set of closed doors. They were out of town- nobody would ever know. These women were strangers, it would be fantasy come true. He was told that for $200 dollars he could have his fantasy.

Prostitution is illegal, so they never would directly say “You can bang me” or whatever disgusting line they use, (I’m trying to remain clean on this blog), but it takes no genius to figure out that the $200 was not to “chat”.

I couldn’t believe what I heard. My life had been an illusion. I didn’t know this man at all.

This was unimaginable. I honestly did not even believe these places existed 14 years ago. I thought “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” was a fictional movie only. I never imagined the possibility of this being a real existence, especially with my husband being a patron.

My husband carried this secret for almost our entire marriage, a mountain between us for over a decade.

Now what do I do??

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One thought on “The Brothel – Wonder what it was really like

  1. Oh Michelle, the rawness of your pain is still evident in sharing the devastation of this disclosure. I pray that you are finding healing and validation in releasing your story. I remember in one of your first posts, you wrote how difficult it has been to find others who understand the additional soul crushing dimensions of having a prostitute and brothel in the sexual betrayal. You are right that is not something I have experienced. And my heart is just aching for you reading this. But I can still offer you a big squeezy (((Hug))), a box of tissue, a cup of tea and some chocolate…..

    Your husband’s burden carrying this darkness for so long obviously infiltrated and damaged your marriage for many, many years. And both of your souls. I am glad that you are seeing and grasping the slivers of light shining through because of the disclosure and recognizing God’s hand in the timing and things happening now. The light will get brighter and brighter. You will be okay. Blessings to you, precious woman.


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