All things sensual, sexual

It’s everywhere. Sex sells. Why does every image in a western with that woman in the saloon – ready to take a cowboy up to a room stimulate me to feel so anxious? Oh yeah- that really happens..(maybe not like the western, but there certainly are brothels – true story)

So we turn the channel and begin watching a dramatic new series, ‘Absentia ‘ – with the beautiful Stana Katic (previously from the series Castle that I loved so much). The series description is about a FBI agent who was kidnapped. Sounds exciting, and somewhat safe from trigger imagery, right? Second episode – yes, we were binge watching, and there it is- the scene in the strip club. So much for that “safe”.

We fast forward and then a few episodes down, there’s another. Then we can be watching a music video and well, what do you know? There they are – ladies spinning around a dance pole.

By the way – where are the men dancing on poles and being all sensual?

Discouraged and ready to settle my brain when my husband fell asleep, I turned to a show that I knew would be a safe bet- ‘United Bates of America’.

You haven’t heard of it? I’m not surprised. It’s a tamer version of the infamous Dugger family that ran on TLC with 18.. or 19.. or was it 20 kids? I lost count. They appear to live a pretty wholesome life – their kids aren’t zoned out in front of the tv or playing video games for hours, they home school all of them, and believe it or not – the children mind their parents and do actual chores. It’s like sighting an extinct animal. It’s amazing.

Of course the ‘United Bates of America’ put me right to REM state. It was better than having a babbling brook right outside my window to lull me to sleep. I’m not dissing the show, it’s just not stimulating.

Perhaps we shouldn’t constantly search for that stimulation though. We need rest. We need to recharge. It seems to me that we are trying to be programmed and have these sexual and sensual images down our throats constantly. What is it doing to us, especially our children?

This was something I wasn’t as astute to until the betrayal discovery. I almost wish sometimes I could undo the hypersensitivity, but then I realize – just like all the other things God has revealed to me this last year- I need to be more alert because that devil surely is walking around like a lion. Sadly, I had apparently just got accustomed to listening to his purr at my complacency.

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Life, Infidelity, and Thereafter

One thought on “All things sensual, sexual

  1. Ah yes, the journey from complacency to hypersensitivity. Because of my husband’s sexual rejection of me, I was always very aware of how sexualized society was. The message that all men want sex all the time constantly bombarded me and cut me deeply when mine didn’t. But I was complacent and naive somehow believing it didn’t affect him. He wasn’t interested in sex, right?! But when I found out that he was sexual, just not with me, well, the betrayal deepened and my hypersensitivity heightened. And same as you, we would be watching TV or a movie, nothing sexual or that should have been, and all of a sudden there would be topless women, or sexual innuendo or something and I would freeze and want to cry. All of a sudden sex was more everywhere than it had ever been, and yet it had been there all along. Just a part of every story. The lion surely has snuck in to the point where most people barely notice it until they are suffering through the consequences.

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