Poor Girl

I was watching some YouTube videos about sexual betrayal recovery when I stumbled across one in which a counselor used a viral video as part of his demonstration that I had to share.

There’s a young woman, approximately in her mid 20’s, with an infectious smile standing on a ledge overlooking a canyon. As she talks to the cameraman and her boyfriend, her anxious energy from anticipation almost becomes palpable through the screen. She grips her right hand tightly around a rope that has one end ‘secured’ around her waist, the other end so far removed that you can barely see the other cliff to which it’s attached. It reminds me of a re-enactment scene I watched on a forensic show with the subtle ending of the woman landing on the bottom, after an accident that we all knew was no accident before seeing the ending.

Anyhow, the girl decides she doesn’t want to jump, and they keep doing a countdown to motivate her to take the plunge, to no avail.

Eventually her boyfriend walks over to her, gripping her shoulder and comforts her, as she frantically pleads for him not to push her, he reassures her, “I’M NOT!”

He instructs her to move over and take a few steps to her right, gently holds her shoulders, and tells her if she stands there 10 more seconds he will push her. She thinks he’s joking so she scowls at him and playfully pushes him back a step while he snickers about his joke.

A moment goes by and he’s standing behind her with his hands on her shoulders, and suddenly he spews a quick “3, 2..”

Suddenly terrorized at the realization at what he’s about to do, but too close to the edge and too late to do anything about it, she gasps, “Honey?! Honey?!”

Then screams as she’s plummeted over the ledge, at the hands of another.

It’s difficult to watch, but an accurate description of what sexual betrayal feels like. Her beloved is comforting her, telling her to trust him, reassuring her she’s safe, then, he shoves her off a cliff.

Granted, she was okay afterwards, and the girl did want to jump initially, but once she got up there and decided she no longer wanted to take the plunge – that was her own decision, her right.

Regardless, when you tell someone one thing, but you do the opposite – it is a mixed signal, as Geoff Steurer uses in his demonstration. This demonstration was very profound.

If you haven’t seen it, and have a terrible fear of heights I wouldn’t recommend watching. But if you want a sense of what sexual betrayal feels like, and can tolerate heights, I’ve included the link below.


Poor girl. I hope she’s not permanently scarred. I did hear she dumped him later, if you are wondering.

Hoping you all have a trauma and trigger free day❤️


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Life, Infidelity, and Thereafter

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