Pardon Me, Auction Site, I Wasn’t Aware My Toes Are Considered “Adult Material”


(True story)

Apparently, my feet are the one good and decently attractive body part that has aged well. I wasn’t aware that they would be such a hot commodity until recently, when I tried to post some of my used shoes to an auction site that will remain nameless (but everyone knows of which I am referring).

The story starts like this: woman has medical problems that multiple doctors order 10’s of thousands of USD on over the course of a year, before finally coming around to the original suggestion and standard of care that should have been done to start. So, now I am in debted, severely.  Collectors are calling. More money going out than coming in, and nowhere do I see a rescue raft coming for me. I got desperate.

I worked many long shifts and overtime, for 2 years prior to my unforeseen medical issues to very slowly creep my credit score to an upper “fair,” only to have some practitioners run a plethora of unnecessary testing, equivocal to a dollar amount of four of my husband’s trucks – before finally getting the needed arteriogram -that should have been done to begin with to open my blockage. I suppose that is their goal in the US healthcare marketplace, since we are looking at a for-profit business here. They wish you to give up and succumb, before you become another burden with long-term needs.

Which leads me to my shameful behavior..and stepping into the forbidden.

I had been selling items on different sites, only to gather a few bucks here and there, when I ran across something unusual, and somewhat profitable. More importantly, I HAD THESE TO SELL..

I noticed a peculiar trend of “well-worn women’s shoes” being auctioned for anywhere between 25- 50 USD a pop!! Knowing that there is always a catch, I tested the waters.

Albeit a questionable pursuit, I knew I was dipping my toe into something that was not going to be used in the way that I may have. I didn’t ask, I didn’t want to know, honestly. Don’t ask, don’t tell – is not what this auction site goes by though.
At first it was just creepy questions of scent. Did the shoes smell, etc.  Then there were compliments of my feet and toes. Then the bidding war began, with a pair of my old kicks gaining enough traction to almost buy a tank of gas for the week. I thought it too good to be true, but other women were doing the same thing and bidding was gaining traction on their items as well. Besides, I never stated I would do anything with the shoes, my feet, nor that they would be sent unclean.

I held my breath, and hoped it would sell without some odd person showing up at my door to worship my feet. My photos:

Listing one:

This is what got me blacklisted:

Listing 2:


Listing 2 had no images of feet/toes or the like. Not even a pinky toe.

Before I could see how far down the rabbit hole went, the auction site shut me down. Their reasoning:

“Some of your listings haven’t followed our Adult Material Policy. In this email we’re including some policy information to help you with your future listings. We also had to take the following actions:” …(then it described the two of the three pair of shoes I had listed)
“Used underwear and socks aren’t allowed.”

WHAT?????? I didn’t have used underwear or socks! When did shoes start getting classified as socks? Not to mention, the one listing didn’t even have a photo of a toe or foot at all.

Such is my luck.

As I stated, I am not ignorant that these might be going to a someone who wasn’t going to wear them, but who knows what people are doing with any of the items that are sold/purchased online every single day? Who am I to judge?

I also clearly stated in the description of the details, and to anyone who messaged- that the shoes would be cleaned per ——–‘s policies and guidelines prior to shipping.

Not good enough for err..nameless auction site..

I’m disturbed, yet flattered that my toes, and or feet were such a hot topic that it was considered adult material.

The trouble I have with this is that what is good for the goose, should be good for the gander, right?

I am offended by the nipples and buttocks that are clearly displayed on images all over said auction site, yet they remain plastered everywhere without restrictions. (I will not show examples here. It’s simply just short of porn.)

Maybe it was my irresistible red toes…

I’m laughing and crying right now on the inside..

This is what happens when you get desperate..beware of the easy foot money….

How about you? You ever been so desperate that you’ve done something outside of your comfort zone, or that you were shamed for to pay the bills? (Aside from illegal activity or stripping, etc)

I’d love to hear about it if you have.

Hang in there my friends. This too shall pass:)


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One thought on “Pardon Me, Auction Site, I Wasn’t Aware My Toes Are Considered “Adult Material”

  1. Wow, I’m just kind of speechless. The mixture of laughing and crying seems to me like a very sensical (is that a word?!) response to this all. Sending you (((hugs))) for the tears and feelings of desperation, and high fives and cheers for your irresistible red toes 🙂

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