Funny Hair

Recently I had a run in with a gentleman with whom we used to attend church. He and I had an additional thread in common besides the house of worship. That is, a love for photography. So naturally the conversation turned to his latest gigs and triumphs in the industry, of which I was super stoked to hear about, when an unfamiliar woman came and perched herself alongside him. She began staring at me with great intensity, and what felt like a hint of disdain.

I figured she was a new girlfriend that might have mistakenly assumed I was an old flame. Being cognizant of her presumption, I quickly threw my husband’s name in mix of the conversation.

To which she responded, “Is _____ your husband?”

To which I retorted, “Yes, yes he is!”

In an attempt to ease her mind even more, I began telling him about my recent heart problems, while continuing to mention my husband and children somewhere in between my recent setbacks.

I’ve been her. I know how it feels to have run-ins with my love’s past interests, (although he was not one of mine). While we realize ‘everyone has a past,’ nobody ever wants to actually encounter it in real life. It’s safe, so long as our loved one’s history stays suspended in that theoretical sense and not in actual live form – looking you dead in the eye.

Anyhow, my attempt to secure her stand with her man didn’t lessen her gaze upon me. As the conversation continued, my platonic friend was totally oblivious to her searing eyes – or my increasingly uncomfortable foot shuffling.

I finally mustered up an excuse to leave, when she spoke up again.

“You have beautiful hair!” She stated, completely throwing me a curve ball.

I didn’t believe her. I felt it was a ploy, and that when she got out of earshot, she would be immediately mocking my 1990’s Mariah Carey hair to my friend.

Terrible at hiding my emotions from my face, I mustered a thank you and almost snickered.

She sensed my seemingly inappropriate response and inquired, “What is it? Is it not real? Or is it not your natural hair?”

I laughed (sincerely), at the remark. “Oh, yes! It’s mine, it’s just that I’m self-conscious about it. That’s all.”

She seemed bewildered by my statement. She might have even mistakened my laugh for haughtiness, but it was just the opposite.

I went on to tell her about a childhood and adolescent riddled with jokes in the name of my hair’s sake.

She said, “Has nobody ever told you it was beautiful before? It is absolutely gorgeous!”

Sometimes I do not believe you. The adolescent inside won’t permit it.

Anyone who knows me can usually recognize me a mile way from my locks alone. They are big and pretentious.

I’ve considered covering my head altogether.

(But that topic will have to be saved for another blog post)

For now, I will leave you with this, in tying in with the topic of hair..

Luke 12:6- 7 NKJV

(6) Are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins? And not one of them is forgotten before God. (7) But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than sparrows.

Since God knows the hairs on my head, I’d say He’s had to get to know more about me than some others;)

And I’m thankful for every wirey, unruly strand of it, and most importantly that the conversation I got to have with an old friend and his new one – without any tension.

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5 thoughts on “Funny Hair

  1. I have a mess of curly hair too! But it really isn’t as gorgeous as yours. My husband has used the same “big” hair comment on me. I don’t hate my hair like I used to, but I had such a similar experience as you did when a new friend I met in my recovery support group a couple years ago told me I had “movie star” hair. And another time when I was quite wind blown (you know when the wind blows our hair up and/or out and it stays there?!), and I was particularly self-conscious that day, another woman actually told me she loved how wild and free my hair looked that day. What?!?! So, anyway, I can totally relate to this post. It has been a good read to begin my day! xo

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    1. I knew their were many other women out there like me that could relate.
      Glad that you enjoyed it. Only those of us who have struggled with the curls in high wind and humidity can truly appreciate the insecurity (and power) the hair can harness;)

      I think the moment I fell in love with my husband was the first time he saw it curly and asked if it was natural.. I shrunk back and said “Yeah.. why?”
      Thinking that was it. Another one intimidated by the hair..
      But a smile spread across his face and he said “I love it. I love naturally curly hair!”

      I said to myself, “Finally God has sent me my man!” lol 😂

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