Explaining God – Akin To Teaching Science

Speaking from a personal perspective only, I don’t know how people navigate through the trials and tribulations of life today without faith.

When I was just coming upon my teen years, I felt called to an alter at a southern Church of God. I don’t know if it was the atmosphere that was created by the people of which I was surrounded that persuaded me to take those steps, or a literal call from God on my soul.
I pose that as sort of a question because I didn’t ‘get all the answers I sought,’ nor did I feel drastically different afterwards. It was more of a blanket of peace.

Fast forward several years, as my home life began to deteriorate and my teen angst started to surface. I tossed my presence of God not in the back seat, but in the trunk of the car. It was not a pretty sight to behold. Nonetheless, I felt a pull and tug here and there that can only be explained as one of two ways – an undiagnosed mental illness, or the supernatural essence of God reminding me that He was there.

I know there are hundreds (possibly thousands) of theories on who God is – and if, in fact, there even is a God, and why people come to a conclusion of God.

I’m not here to debate whether His existence is real or not, I’m here to share why His voice convinced me that it was real. It is only by stories and studies of others that we ever gain knowledge in the first place, right? I’d say we gain by what we can feel and see, but some of us are born with a certain set of genetics that help us understand what we can see and feel without the knowledge of a science teacher, while others are inept. How would one begin to understand the vast education that lies before us without someone smarter than us, or more experience than us, or someone who just simply ‘gets it’ easier than us?

What if spiritual knowledge is this way? What if some are born with a fine tune signal to a ‘spiritual world’, while others need to rely on the experience and know- how of a previous generation?

Back to the gal in the story. Sadly, my ‘spiritual’ knowledge was not something that really became fine-tuned until I began searching and seeking, and began to truly humble myself in my 30’s. (I suppose it’s better late than never.)
Not everyone is going to hear the voice, feel the presence, nor know Him in the same way. Just like our fingerprints, our DNA, our entire essence, we are born differently – each with a unique code of how, when, and if God appears to us.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, nor wish to debate. I only know that when I let go of my faith, God, and what I have been created for, my hope dissipates rapidly.

Jesus hasn’t filled every void in my life and created an ever-lasting high, He has only given me purpose and a reason to keep reasoning with humanity.

Without Him, what would be my purpose? Because, God knows after the last several years of heartache, the pain could go away in the next minute. But because I believe there is a purpose to my pain, I push forward. I don’t mean in the cliché sense; I mean it in a visceral way.

My wish would be for every person alive to have at least one moment in their life that they would feel and hear Him the way I did on October 1, 2017.

But until someone experiences this on their own – you simply can’t explain it in such a human way as words. Isn’t that much like science sometimes? Or explaining why each individual snowflake (as pictured in my hair) has its own ‘print’, as our own fingerprints and DNA do? Some will just ‘get it’, others won’t.

Michelle H.

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